Why be burdened with worry?   Leave a comment

“Worry is a waste of imagination — Trust God!” (Seen on a church sign)

We are often victims of our own imaginations, worrying about things that we cannot change. Worrying about outcomes we have no control over. Worrying until stress increases our blood pressure, gives us headaches, and sleepless nights.

The answer is to “cast all your cares on Him.” Although it may not be easy, it may be very difficult for some — it really is as simple as this: “Trust God.”

When we worry to the point of physical, mental, and medical detriment, it still doesn’t “fix the problem”, but actually increases the problems we face.

“Trust and obey” is not just lyrics to a popular hymn, but should become a lifestyle of trust in the Lord. He really does have the answer, and He really does care. Resting in Him is to trust without fail.

Posted May 20, 2023 by Don Gardner in Uncategorized

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