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Why do I do the things I do?

A short drama:

Setting: A quiet place with a single stool or chair.

Character 1 enters and sits, and covers his face.

Voices are all off-stage

Character1:                 What have I DONE?

Voice 1:                       (voice off-stage) Hey, take it easy! Everyone does stuff like that.

Character1:                 I wish I hadn’t done it. I want to do better.

Voice 1:                       Nah, you’re not strong enough to be that good. They drove you to it.

Character 1:                 Yeah? Probably so. But I shouldn’t have, anyway.

Voice 1:                       Don’t worry about it. You didn’t do anything THAT wrong.

Character 1:                 Go away! What I have done is wrong and I wish I hadn’t done it.

Voice 1:                       (Evil laugh) Hey, it’s not your fault.  Don’t feel guilty! Man, your parents were way too strict!

Character 1:                 They WERE strict…

Voice 1:                       Right! Exactly! You only feel bad because of how they raised you so strictly.

Character 1:                 Maybe.

Voice 1:                       Sure! That’s it. Suck it up!

Character 1:                 (Clenches fists) I just have to be stronger, that’s all. I won’t do it again, I WON’T!

Voice 1:                       (Evil laugh) Yes! That’s the best you can do!

Character 1:                 Well, I AM only human, after all. I can’t be perfect.

Voice 1:                       Right! You’re human!

Voice 2:                       (Patiently) You can’t do it in your own strength.

Character 1:                 (Looks up and around, searching) Huh?

Voice 1:                       Yeah! That’s right! You’re too weak! Loser!

Voice 2:                       I can help you.

Character 1:                 How?

Voice 1:                       (Loudly) Hey! Don’t listen! He’s lying!

Character 1:                 Really? I don’t know….

Voice2:                        I speak the truth.

Voice 1:                       STOP! Don’t listen! You are WEAK!

Voice 2:                       Come to me, I will give you rest.

Voice 1:                       NO-O-O-O!

Character 1:                 Why do I do the things I do?

Voice 2:                       I made you in my image. Come to me.

Voice 1:                       (Interrupts urgently) He’s just human! He can’t help it.

Character 1:                 What do I mean? I mean I find myself doing the things I know I shouldn’t do, and I don’t do the things I should do.

Voice 1:                       Exactly! That is GOOD!

Voice 2:                       I am able to help you with that.

Character 1:                 How? I am too dirty, too unclean.

Voice 1:                       Yeah, you slime-bag! You don’t deserve anything good!

Character 1:                 What can I do?

Voice 2:                       You can do nothing, but I CAN.

Voice 1:                       See? Don’t listen to him. He doesn’t make any sense!

Voice 2:                       Are you willing to let me?

Character 1:                 Let you what?

Voice 1:                       (Like a child who makes noise because he doesn’t want to hear.) La, la, la, na, na, na!

Voice 2:                       (Over Voice 1) Are you willing to let me help you?

Character 1:                 (Over Voice 1) I can’t stand it any longer! I want to do what’s right.

Voice 1:                       No! No! Don’t listen! Not again!

Character 1:                 (Weeping) Why do I do the things I do?

Voice 2:                       Be holy as I am holy.

Character 1:                 I want to be holy, but I can’t.

Voice 2:                       Let me fill you with my Spirit.

Voice 1:                       ARRRRRRGGG!

Voice 2:                       I can fill you with Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Self-Control.

Voice 1:                       (Fading screech)

Character 1:                 What are all of these?

Voice 2:                       The fruit of the Spirit. They become evident when filled with my Spirit.

Voice 1:                       (Desperate moaning)

Character 1:                 How can I have these?

Voice 1:                       (Sounds further away – groaning and mumbling, almost like curses)

Voice 2:                       Surrender your will to mine, and consecrate yourself only to me.

Character 1:                 Is that all?

Voice 1:                       (Weakly) Too easy!

Voice 2:                       (Kindly) That’s it. That’s all I ask.

Character 1:                 That’s a lot.

Voice 2:                       Yes. I ask your ALL.

Voice 1:                       (Further away) No way you can do it! NO!

Character 1:                 How do I do that?

Voice 1:                       (Hissing static)

Voice 2:                       Simple! Just ask.

Character1:                  Ah! Faithful is He who calls, who will also do it.

Voice 2:                       That’s right! Come to me.

Character 1:                 I will do it!

Voice 1:                       (Screaming way off in the distance)

Character 1:                 Will you make me holy? I give you my will, my whole self.

Voice 2:                       DONE! Welcome into my presence!

Character 1:                 You are my peace!

Voice 1:                       (From very far off) No-o-o-o-o!

Voice 2:                       Well done, my servant. Welcome.

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